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 Church Auxiliaries


 1.  SENIOR MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT - Assist in prayer, baptism, and communion. They visit and care for the sick, visit Nursing Homes, furnish food for the needy. In charge of service each 4th Tuesday night. They are to be in uniform in each service and ready to assist the Pastor at all times. The uniform is white loosely fit dresses, black hats, and black shoes from the first Sunday in May until the end of August. First Sunday in September uniform is then changed to black loosely fit dresses with white collars, black hats, and black shoes. 

     2. JUNIOR MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT - Even younger women called of God. Must work in this group before moving to Young Missionary Department. Uniform is black skirts, white blouses, and black hats.


3. USHER DEPARTMENT - Uniform is white dresses, white chapel scarves, white hosiery, white shoes. For the men black suits and ties,white shirts, black shoes. Usher on Sunday Mornings and any time there is a special service.


4. PROGRESSIVE CHOIR - Age limited to 18 and older. Sings each Sunday and anytime when called upon for special services.


5. SUNDAY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT - Consists of superintendent, secretary, all teachers, and van driver. In charge of Sunday School each Sunday morning, Easter Program, Christmas Program, and any other children services during the year. 


 6. YOUTH FOR CHRIST DEPARTMENT - In charge of service each Friday night. Headed by Youth For Christ President. 


7. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE - Responsible for sending cards, flowers, and fruit to the sick. Also pick up flowers for the Pastor and wife for auxiliaries anniversaries. 

 8. MOTHER BOARD - Made up of elder ladies of the Church appointed by the Pastor. They must prayerfully support the work of the Lord. 

9. SUNBEAM - Group of children under the leadership of an adult who have fund raising projects. They meet on Saturdays and are taught to cook, clean, and sew and have different projects to keep them busy. 

 10. PASTOR AIDE - The auxiliary work to aid the Pastor and Wife. They plan the anniversary along with other fund raising projects to aid in his travel to other churches. 

11. FINANCIAL COMMITTEE - Consist of people appointed by the Pastor to take care of all finances that come in the church through tithes and offerings. Responsible for paying all bills.